Anavami Center
Divided BathtubIn a dream, I am invited into a hot bath, with no way of entering the tub except folded up as if entering a funeral urn. The tub is supported off the checkered floor by four green frogs. In the dream, shivering in a red towel I am shocked as to how this could happen and what I can do. In the space crouched are three dark menacing beings murmuring. They remind me of harpies symbols of death, fear, and the underworld. A small wild red horse is reminiscent of the light under a bushel basket. The harpies are held at bay by the horse.

The checkered floor always suggests the world of duality. It is promising in that frogs of transformation at the base of the tub are intermediaries of the bathing device on the floor, but I cannot enter the place of relaxation, cleansing, and ritual because it is divided. Still, the bath is asking for some action on my part.