Wobbling the Paradigm Courses

The Events of Studio Anavami are basically to support, explore and creatively integrate the venture of Wobble our current Paradigm as we expand our communications with the earth, ourselves and others through the joy of Marking. Wobbling the Paradigm means to loosen the belief structures that are no longer working on our planet. The old game with its pieces, rules and motivations look to be ending the place of our game. We can no longer continue like we this yet do not have the time as in the past to let it evolve. As we begin to create a new game we need to explore and understand the old reality. We are doing this through marking as we consciously apply the somatic component of embodiment to new ideas, perceptions and attitudes. By extending our perceptions of realities beyond our belief system through art-practice we gain a new place in our world with new questions.

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