The selected images in the galleries of Majio’s work are presented here in reverse chronology, showing the newest first. When exploring the development of the artwork images the layout is a spiral with the newest investigation at the center, Marking into Being. The center-with the most recent work ever-expands with time influencing the outer rings that they in turn resonate with center in new ways. Marking into Being: Paintings from Somatic-Imagery, combine markings, monoprints with mixed media into larger format.

The curl of Majio’s artistic development begins with the dance on the edge of academic art training through the Western historical and academic perspective accessing images and skill sets from the intellect. Moving towards the center, apprenticeships in the Japanese cultural arts shifts to a somatic way of learning and practicing. The art-practice that develops is as much about new ways of being as about skill with materials. Transformational Painting towards the center continues to be transformed including the various ways of disrupting the old paradigm. Decades of painting, printmaking and mixed media have spiraled from personal and collective mythological symbols into a somatic art-practice of Wobbling the Paradigm.

In relation to the psyche, time is not linear. The context, as well the content is fluid. Transitional Work, although not from a certain time period, often portend what is to come. Marking into Being, exploring cold wax and oil paint, large monoprints for collage and vocabulary created from marking explorations is one of the developing spirals of Wobbling the Paradigms explorations leading to the center.

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