The selected images in four galleries of Majio’s work are presented here in reverse chronology, showing the newest first. When exploring the art work imagine the layout as a spiral with Marking Emerging from the Field at the center.

Like a labyrinth Majio’s development as an artist danced on the edge with academic art training, moved towards the center through her apprenticeships in Japan.  The marking, painting and assemblages represented in Transformational Painting trace the journey of decades of painting and printmaking to arrive at the center of the spiral with mark-making, represented in the paper pieces in Wobbling the Paradigm, From the Field. Sign-posts and pathways to be explored are presented in Transformational Work as a collection of nudgings from the psyche that have only begun to be realized showing up out of linear time sequence. The materials of the recent work in Wobbling the Paradigm, Beyond Marking are new in material and investigation: cold wax with mixed media and printing, which use all of her earlier art training but from a different platform even as they integrate the elements that came before.

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