Transitional Work

In this gallery, which reflects three years of work,  the pieces strike out, either with concepts and/or materials, beyond the edge of the comfortable and the known, beyond previous training and work. The psyche seems to be preparing for radical new ways of perceiving. Some of these works are conscious, like the approach to non-doing, while others slipped through only to be recognized later. Created in the spirit of experimentation and collaboration with the relational-field, the life-force of the materials acknowledged and encouraged the themes and processes to take surprising turns, thus demanding new ways of perceiving. When you begin to apply pressure to the habitual paradigm structure, often the results are not immediately apprehended.

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Images at the Edge
There have been many paintings throughout the years that have not been congruent with the other work sitting around the studio. These are glimpses through the psyche of things to come. These paintings in various materials and sizes have been pushing the edge of what is known, and what is comfortable, to allow something else to arise.

Images of Non-doing
This was an audacious experiment of painting through non-doing. With intense mediation I explored the possibility of painting from an entirely different place where I was not only not the sole agent, but felt like a non-agent. Each painting had an unique resonance with aspects of my daily life, sometimes appearing much later.

Artifact Trays of Realization
These are put in an archeological matrix, as if they are artifacts from around the world that inform the process of individual and collective realization. The makers of the found objects in these pieces range from three to ninety-five years old, and their products spread over five continents, all contributing to the trajectory of our collective evolution. These articles have been drawn from private collections and carry the imprint of their makers, as well as the aesthetic principles and values of culture and historical epochs. These artifacts share with each other, and also share with us, a common human purpose on a shared planet.

Liminal Threshold: Mixed-Media 

The spontaneity of at-hand materials (found objects, repurposing familiar materials etc.) invites in new data synchronistic to Wobbling the Paradigm further. The theater expression of the ‘fourth wall’ is a good metaphor for this series of work. What happens when a new aspect in the system is opened up to reveal information that requires another kind of engagement? Old concepts have to be redefined with unfamiliar resources. This series plays with this moving threshold.

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