Seeding the Paradigm

Seeding a New Paradigm

In the art-practice at Studio Anavami we have wobbled the paradigm in visual arts through creative process to loosen habitual perspectives. To send things a wobble can be unnerving, yet, as the old structures shift, new possibilities are presented. Noticing the threshold of the passage into the yet unknown and the unknowable is beneficial.

We have mentioned the Underworld as a mythical realm but also the constant reality of change, challenge and upheaval of everyday life. It is a liminal space of confusion and disorientation, even as we acknowledge the archetypal dimension. The more aware we are entering the ritual transformation space the more resources we develop. Visual art can help in the navigation.

The liminal, from the Latin for threshold, is situated at the barely perceptible sensory juncture of the known and unknown. A place of transition and opportunity it offers us an area to look at multiple possibilities.  In the art-practice at Studio Anavami we have wobbled our paradigms to dislodge habitual perspectives of reality. Sending things a wobble was unnerving, yet as the old structure was shaken as new possibilities emerge.  We are in the throes of piecing together a new model to make sense of the world, yet to be formed.  Seeding a New Paradigm takes us into the liminal through somatic-imagination to provide experiences of new realities.  

Years of Wobbling the Paradigm in Anavami Studio has become more of a seeding. The subtle changes of shifting from outer influences of emotional highs and lows, critics of success and failure have morphed into more of a curiosity without judgment. The other still goes on, but the navigation is engagement without the dominant dictator of the ego. There is another orientation developing from experience, that is a much more interesting process to be in dialogue rather than domination. The ‘agenda’ fades as the relationship develops.



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