MAJIO, director of ANAVAMI CENTER is a mixed media artist who lives in Santa Cruz, CA and works out of STUDIO ANAVAMI.

In this time when our collective mythology is breaking down we are called to find a deeper and more sustainable story. At ANAVAMI CENTER and MAJIO’S STUDIO ANAVAMI we are committed to creating health and wholeness in the individual and in the community by building self-empowering skills in self-expression, creativity, communication and meaning-making through the expressive arts, metaphor work, dream work and trance work. This is augmented by developing attentiveness to our relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind. The organizing principle of this core work is awareness and reflection in order to make conscious our personal mythology.

ANAVAMI CENTER offers weekly painting circles large format acrylic painting, various workshops, including quarterly Wild Woman Painting Workshops, and Transformational Painting retreats in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico and Costa Rica. Other collaborative events like talks, book signings are also offered.