Wobbling the Paradigm, From the Field

Wobbling the Paradigm, From the Field explores new concepts of relating image-making to a more expansive relationship with the world and worlding. It is predominantly markings outlined in the book, to be published, Wobbling the Paradigm: Marking Emerging from the Field. 

Pieces on Paper: Marking Emerging from the Field
This is the beginning of the mark-making adventure where marks become the conduit to connect to the alive world as informative and creative beyond the paradigm of the narrow gauge and reactive ego position of the separate-self. These paper pieces are made with water-soluble marking implements like graphite, Art Graf, soft pastel and organic colorants. The categories explore various aspects poetically beyond regular time and space, informing each other in the same way that diptychs and triptychs inform each other.

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Edge is the furthest away from the center or the outside limit; it also is the sharpened edge of a cutting implement applied to things and concepts. As a verb it can move gradually, carefully or furtively in a particular direction. Consider the works through these lenses.

Liminal is a sensory threshold, sometimes barely perceptible. It is also an in-between or intermediate state, phase or condition. It is often inherent in marginalization.


Ritual structures define our social worlds through their relationship to time and change, not only marking time but creating time by defining beginnings and endings.

The spirit of Moloka’i Island bubbled up through the studio floor, from morning to evening into my body without pause. It was an honor to be in that land.

Á la Wolf Kahn
Using a palette from an artist different from your own is a way to extend habitual ways of perceiving and responding. Wolf Kahn, with his electric colors, is like an energy drink to get things moving.

Simultaneously touching the face while expressing the sensations as marks of feeling and information is more than making visible, it is a poetic translation. The layers of collage create an image that underlies what we usually miss and don’t see.

Liminal Threshold: Mixed-Media 

The spontaneity of at-hand materials (found objects, repurposing familiar materials etc.) invites in new data synchronistic to Wobbling the Paradigm further. The theater expression of the ‘fourth wall’ is a good metaphor for this series of work. What happens when a new aspect in the system is opened up to reveal information that requires another kind of engagement? Old concepts have to be redefined with unfamiliar resources. This series plays with this moving threshold.

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