Painting to Wobble the Paradigm

Check out this video I developed talking about how painting can explore paradigms that limit and constrict creativity. It is influenced by practice rooted in Japanese cultural disciplines and supported by the movement of cultural evolution. We see stages of 11 painters painting and their comments as we explore the process.


Interested? Explore with us in retreat at a beautiful PLACE…

Ojo Caliente, New Mexico- hot springs-Sept. 25th-Oct 1st, 2018



Montezuma Beach, Costa Rica-tropical beaches-Spring 2019


Open Studio 2018

Open Studio 2018 shows paintings from eight months of experimenting with the practice of Wobbling the Paradigm.

These abstract mixed media acrylic paintings with paper, fabric, drawing materials, cold wax, stenciling and printing are themselves a process of wobbling the structures of the tightly stitched what we think we know and presume to perceive.