Arts as Healing Show 7/3-8/31

Arts as Healing Show 7/3-8/31

This Arts and Healing Show is connected to various artist affinity groups, deeply involved in personal–planetary healing using art as a vehicle in the journey towards wholeness. Their artwork is grounded in commonality of women artist, creating transformation through aesthetic celebration and journey into the beautiful and sublime.

Much of the work this year is from students at the Probation Facility in Salinas, a residential program for juvenile offenders. Most of these boys have no art experience except maybe some tattoo art and graffiti in the prison genre. With an art team headed by Linda Pedrazzini Hevern we have installed over 150 pieces including the art work of teachers and several supporting local artists: Dick Crispo, Jose Ortiz Marcia Perry and Branham Rendlen.

I have been working with these boys for the last four years as partner teacher and curriculum coordinator. In 2015 we received a national arts award for innovation for developing strategies that work in apparently intractable situations. Our grants are from the California Arts Council, our local Arts Council and the state Arts Council as part of their Juvenile Justice Program. This made it possible for us to undertake more ambitious projects like a 30’ mural and large format acrylic paintings. Because the boys find engagement in learning to draw and paint animals we often do large realistic murals. The last large mural, 16’ X 8’ of Yosemite Valley was unveiled at the Monterey Art Museum.

This current show is especially satisfying for me because of how the boys embraced several art movements like Impressionist and Abstract Expressionism, as well as contemporary artist such as Mark Rothko and David Hockley. Please come by and see the show:

Avery Gallery Seaside City Hall, 440 Harcourt Avenue, Seaside. July 3rd to August 31

Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m.

Reception July 14 2017 7-8:30

Arts as Healing Invitation