Wobbling the Paradigm Through Marking: The Liminal

Wobbling the Paradigm Out of the Liminal:

Wobbling the Paradigm is a program built on the principle that art making in any arena can have for the collective, an evolutionary edge. Anavami Studio offers participant circles to work this where process surpasses product. Finished pieces often surprise, measured by an authenticity and power to evoke, rather than as a traditional completed construct. The current process, Wobbling the Paradigm is about expanding our experience to open new ways of perceiving, reconsidering what we have habitually called reality. Participants in this work have found they can go to the core of the creative process while learning techniques and design principles attuning the experience as they develop their own sense of process, which influence conceptualizing and perceiving the world around them.

Creative process continues experimenting with materials in new ways through the ancient art of shape-shifting through somatic-imagery. This fundamental approach—becoming like other in order to expand awareness through embodied experience—accesses information, as well as insights. It is challenging to articulate one’s experience of how the Underworld meets the regular world. The borderland becomes anteroom in a fog that morphs beginning and end as ritual sacrifices of identity continue. The exit becomes a vehicle of exploration.

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Anteroom Trance-formation:

The Garment Series is an example of exploring the seeming dichotomies of the simple and the convoluted through the somatic technique of ‘composite.’ Somatic composite is based on Complexity Theory – holding two or more images, simultaneously in the body allowing for a relational transformation. The images self-organize between chaos and order until a shift occurs. The process continues in the studio through the materials with overlapping layers of dress-pattern tissue a curious part, for in time, over weeks then months, the pieces continued to change as the cold wax cured with transparency revealing underlying marks that had been covered. New imagse emerged as the shape of a simple garment. As this journey continued, I found access to a purely simple but elegant frame of mind that could go to the heart of an issue or situation through sensing the embodiment of the ‘garment.’ The garment had the flavor of the moment-by-moment uncomplicated presence reminding me of my Japanese tea ceremony practice.

Liminal Underworld: Mixed-Media Monoprints

These pieces were done from the in-betweenness state of liminal with the monoprint process a wild card upping the ante. In the constant search for any sign to assist navigation, they appear. This time manifesting as hobo signs from a desperate time assisting travelers a safe path through an alien world. Other symbols like the keyhole evoke passage to confirm the presence of another side. Adornments continue to be relinquished for the ritual stripping of status, even as the body responds with information, not quite decipherable.

Liminal Threshold: Mixed-Media 

The spontaneity of at-hand materials (found objects, repurposing familiar materials etc.) invites in new data synchronistic to Wobbling the Paradigm further. The theater expression of the ‘fourth wall’ is a good metaphor for this series of work. What happens when a new aspect in the system is opened up to reveal information that requires another kind of engagement? Old concepts have to be redefined with unfamiliar resources. This series plays with this moving threshold.

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