Transformational Painting


Figures are intimate to who we are as people–they resonate with relationship. There are no figures that don’t signify relationship-to each other, to the environment, to the unknown or to the viewer.  

Figures from Bird’s Eye

Changing the perspective of how we usually see figures shifts the context slightly for added nuance. These painting also have each have a rectangle add that comments on the relationship of the figures or shadows to invoke another dialogue.

Women with Fabric of Life
Women throughout all cultures and times use fabric to conceal/reveal, contract and extend ourselves. We express our power and our vulnerability, our gifts and defenses in personal fabric, a contrivance for exploring and engaging the world.



Animals have been a place-marker in our psyche since we were children with our pets and listening to stories. As adults we dream of animals even in our urban lives. Some are in the act of becoming human, others are humans slipping into animals.

Animals as Conduits

These animal divine, shape shift, guard and inspire.

The animals in these paintings step forward to mirror the sameness and otherness of animals.

There are more galleries coming to this space.

They include:

-Archetypal Figures
-Figures with Spirits
-Tango Board Games & Paper Dolls
-Ancient Coins
-Artifact Trays of Realization
-Images at the Edge
-Images of Non-doing

…and many more.


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