Wobbling the Paradigm, Beyond Marking

Wobbling the Paradigm, Beyond Marking contains Majio’s most recent work actualizing the developmental process expressed in Wobbling the Paradigm, From the Field and integrating that with work she has done throughout her life. The medium of cold wax and oil paint has allowed a literal and metaphoric layering of marks as well as incorporating printing and collage with other materials to express new levels of collaboration with the field.

Worlding is an expression coined by Stephen Busby of Findhorn in relation to a movement of owning the (outside) world as a part of oneself. He uses world as a verb, to world, expressing that there is only one world with a continuum between outside and inside. We world when we are consciously aware, through our responses of our connection to the world. He talks about how our worlding influences world situations. As we become conscious of this through inner attention we acknowledge how to indeed co-create the outside world.

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The worlding endeavor worked with here was initiated from 4” X 4” seed collages that generated an exploration of concerns with outer events in relation and congruent to inner responses. A couple of dramatic photos of skateboarders and their distorted shadows led to reflecting on risk taking, generation gaps, adolescence and curiosity for the consequences of the skateboarder in me.

Circus Act with Father
Seeded from a collage, this series resulted in looking at a covert tension that I had with my father. It never seemed that important although now I see how it colors everything, manifesting as tension in my jaw. It relates to holding on and holding back. The image-making has been a way of re-configuring and re-imagining, thus reframing a fundamental relationship and shifting how I own my voice.

Wall to Bridge
This approach arose through inquiring into how walls become bridges where mark-making facilitated and grounded insights that shed light on old perceptions and habits in relationships.

Liminal Threshold: Mixed-Media 

The spontaneity of at-hand materials (found objects, repurposing familiar materials etc.) invites in new data synchronistic to Wobbling the Paradigm further. The theater expression of the ‘fourth wall’ is a good metaphor for this series of work. What happens when a new aspect in the system is opened up to reveal information that requires another kind of engagement? Old concepts have to be redefined with unfamiliar resources. This series plays with this moving threshold.

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