Transformational Painting

These paintings are done in the spirit of reflection, understanding and reframing the stories that I live by personally and also those of the collective.


“Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he can not see with his eyes.” Arshile Gorkey. These paintings on canvas, beyond any others, take seeing to an underlying truth, and with time to a reality that is more pertinent than perceptions of the so-called realistic .


Figures are intimate to who we are as people–they resonate with relationship. There are no figures that don’t signify relationship-to each other, to the environment, to the unknown or to the viewer. They are our touchstone of belonging.

Archetypal Figures

These figures stand dominate in our psyches and in our culture universally depicting constellations of the stories we play out.

Figures with Spirits

All these figures are connected in some way to the other realms. In Japanese folklore the fox is the shapeshifting trickster. Animals are used all over the world for connection to power, healing and what is so intimate yet other.

Figures from Bird’s Eye

Changing the perspective of how we usually see figures shifts the context slightly for added nuance. The added sheet of paper to the surface of the painting is a screen, camera, x-ray, computer adding dialogue on another level of relationship between the figures and shadows.

Boardgame Tango

Tango is a complex endeavor that leaves its mark on you if you have spent any concentrated time doing it. Tweaking the context of tango through board games and paper dolls reveals unconsidered aspects of society and self.

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