Marking into the Paradigm

There are three concepts critical for understanding the initial mark-making process used in Marking the Paradigm; markingyielding and the field. Marking is defined in physical terms as a residue left behind by movement and/or pressure. The metaphor for marking follows on the poetic, emotional, and/or somatic levels beyond habitual conditioning. Each marking approach explores these levels from marks not visible to the eye to layered impression as the complex nuance of the images developed with other materials and in the third-dimension. It may even be also considered fourth-dimension as time can be  included. The process is facilitated by yielding in collaboration with the field. Yielding is more than allowing. It is a reciprocal exchange. The field is not the things-in-empty-space model that is the basis of science which looks for the answers to the universe in matte. The relational-field is an intersubjective crucible of relationships participating in the creative process. This is the materials, place, accidents, synchronicities, other effects and anything that has an influence like the movie from last night or a dream. We are in the realm of the psyche, that is not linear or logical.

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