Re-Wilding Woman

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Returning to Oneself

First of a Four-part Series

Weekend Gathering – January 27th to 29th, 2023

With Carolyn Farrell and Majio

In this first gathering, Returning to Oneself… we look to the story of the Selkie, a seal who lost her pelt. She is a metaphorical being forced to live in a world that is not soul-nurturing or creative. She longs for home, a place of autonomy in balance within the natural world. The revitalization of the feminine creatively loosens the constrictions and assumptions of power and expectation in the world-out-of-balance. This painting/marking process offers a deep exploration through creative play of perspectives that change habitual reality. Empowering, reflective, and offering new possibilities this weekend will lead you to a more creative, more joyful, more colorful and connected sense of being with ways to sustain it.

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